Oct. 29, 2018 Update: The below information has since been updated here.

2019 will be "The Year of the Heather Highlands Inn."

The past 52 years, most members of our group have secured lodging accommodations in the Boyne Highlands Main Lodge. However, the Main Lodge will be under construction this coming year, which means that most of us will be securing accommodations at Boyne's Heather Highlands Inn.

Don't worry. Sometimes change is good...

The great thing about this "interruption in tradition" is that Boyne is essentially offering these upgraded accommodations at the same package rates we would have been paying for at the Main Lodge. In other words, it's a free upgrade. The Heather Highlands Inn boasts rooms / condos that are spacious and inviting. Check out the rooms for yourself here.

Gearing up for 2019?

Don't forget to make lodging reservations and register for the conference here. Can't wait to see you the week of MLK, January 20 - 25, 2019!