2016 was a special year. Tri-State Dental-Medical Conference participants (and their families) celebrated the 50th anniversary of one of the longest-running conferences of its kind.

The Tri-State Dental-Medical Conference turns 50!


2015 was marked by Boyne Highlands' usual delights of food, fun, and family (oh yeah, and we'd be remiss if we didn't say there was a "conference" taking place as well).


We're not really sure what happened from 1983 - 2014, as we didn't start keeping a gallery until 2015. Without the proof of photos, this missing time period is hearsay, really. But we were able to dig up an artifact that gives us a clue to the past. It turns out the "Snow Monkey" has been around for quite some time. And a 1982 Bob Portenga is all-too-proud to sport the trophy of his recklessness...


Bob Portenga receives the Snow Monkey in 1982.