"Microvascular Facial Reconstruction: Pushing the Boundaries"
Presented by Michael Fritz M.D.

"Management of Maxillofacial Trauma"
Presented by Faisal Quereshy M.D., D.D.S.

"Management of Dental Trauma"
Presented by Naja Usman D.D.S.

"Immediate Implant Dentistry: the Search for Predictable Efficiency"
Presented by Matt Parker D.D.S.

"Still Learning - Evidence Based Updates - 2017"
Presented by Jenn Casey M.D.

"Immunizations for Adults"
Presented by Josh Meyerson M.D.

"Mosquito Borne Diseases"
Presented by Josh Meyerson M.D.

"Nicotine Addiction: An Evidence-Based Review from A-Z"
Presented by Todd Sheperd M.D.

"The Management of MTBI and Concussion: 2017 Update"
Presented by Todd Sheperd M.D.

"Indications for Occlusal Splints"
Presented by Rob Reineck D.D.S.

"Documenting Disciplinary Actions"
Presented by Adriane Hines Esq.

"Medical and Surgical Management of Sinusitis"
Presented by James Kempiners M.D.

"Evaluation of Thyroid Nodules"
Presented by Scott Cheney M.D.

"An ED Based Naloxone Program"
Presented by Michael Dick M.D.

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