“Update in Periodontics for all Practitioners”
Presented by Bryan Roy, D.D.S.

“Low Dose CT for Lung Cancer Screening”
Presented by Scott Cheney, M.D.

“Legal Consequences from Medical and Dental Stress Mismanagement”
Presented by Adrienne Hines, Esq.

“Gingival Grafting and Management of Gingival Recession"
Presented by Michael Doctor, D.D.S.

“Integrative Cardiovascular Care”
Presented by Andris Kazmers, M.D.

“Osteonecrosis – Recognition and Management”
Presented by David Howell, D.D.S.

“Ebola – Where are we now?”
Presented by Joshua Myerson, M.D., M.P.H.

“Restoring Implants for Success”
Presented by Rob Reineck, D.D.S.

"The Treat to Target Approach of Arthritis"
Presented by Irene Kazmers, M.D.

“Subcutaneous Emphysema Following Laser Use in a Pediatric Patient”
Presented by Darya Dabiri, D.D.S., M.S.

“A Series of Case Presentations"
Presented by Michael Dick, M.D.

“Orthodontic Dilemmas”
Presented by Daniel George, D.D.S.

“No Hablo Ingles - The Appropriate Use of a Medical Interpreter"
Presented by Jennifer Casey, M.D.

“Facts About Early Orthodontics”
Presented by André Haerian D.D.S., M.S., FRCD., Ph.D.

“Use of the Laser in Periodontics”
Presented by Mathew Parker, D.D.S.

“Avalanche Survival”
Presented by Michael Dick, M.D.

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